ILCC Consensus Guidelines for COVID-19 Cancer Care

In Fall 2020, the ILCC released three guidelines aimed at facilitating safe, effective cancer care through various phases of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Cancer Center Ambulatory Visitor Guidelines

Many Illinois hospitals and practices expressed difficulty with developing their own policies for safe ambulatory care during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the lack of evidence, conflicting guidelines, and lack of access to best practices. The Visitor Policy Guidelines for Ambulatory Cancer Care offer a cohesive, consensus-based best practice framework for hospitals, clinics, and practices providing ambulatory care to cancer patients.

Colon & Rectal Cancer Treatment Guidelines

Delays in surgical treatment of colon and rectal cancer is associated with reduced survival. The pandemic significantly and rapidly changed how treatment for colon and rectal cancer takes place, a trend worsened by both a lack of evidence regarding best practices and numerous guidelines from national organizations. The Recommendations for the Management of Colon and Rectal Cancer during the COVID-19 Pandemic provide guidelines for the management of locoregional colon and rectal cancer, particularly in the event that surgical resources are limited.

Lung Cancer Treatment Guidelines

Lung cancer patients are at higher risk for serious complications resulting from COVID-19. Despite this, there is a lack of consensus guidelines for hospitals to determine safe and effective treatment strategies for lung cancer that address obstacles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Recommendations for the Management of Lung Cancer During the COVID-19 Pandemic address two pressing needs in treating lung cancer by providing guidance to protect clinicians and staff from exposure to the virus while also enabling hospitals to provide necessary treatment despite limitations on resources imposed by the pandemic.