What commitment are you asking from us currently as part of participation in the ILCC?

The only commitment we are asking for, currently, is to: (1) be interested in taking part in one or more of the five COVID-19 working groups to develop statewide guidelines for COVID-19 cancer care, (2) provide contact info for people from you institution that you would like to have participate in any of the working groups, and (3) begin to identify candidates for your ILCC champion (team lead) from among your oncologists (more direction to follow).  If you are interested in participating, please fill out our brief application and COVID-19 survey. We plan to begin to convene the working groups in August 2020 and anticipate they will meet several times over the next few months, as their schedules allow.

Why are you asking for our cancer center/hospital leadership information when we apply to join the ILCC?

We asked for the contact information (1) to ensure that each hospital's cancer center leadership is aware of the intent to participate in the ILCC (which is why we also ask for the signatures from your Cancer Center Director (or equivalent) and your CLP/Cancer Committee Chair), and (2) because this information is not easily accessible publicly and we at the ILCC Coordinating Center would like to ensure that we understand who is in cancer leadership at each participating hospital.

What will you be doing with the contact information we provide?

We are not planning on sending anything additional to the leadership contacts you list but will be contacting those you nominate to be part of the working groups (please make sure that they are aware that they have been nominated).  All contact information will be kept internal and will not be shared outside of the Coordinating Center team. Additionally, we will take great care to make sure not to send any unnecessary communications to individuals that aren't asking for it. For the time being, all communication will be through the contact(s) you have provided and your CLP and/or Cancer Committee Chair. Eventually, all communication will be through your local ILCC team.